Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Introductions, updates, and more

It's been years since we've written on our blog and so much has happened to us.  Let's start with the introductions and then we'll move on to updates and more.

Hi I'm Brigid.  I was found in a dumpster several years ago.  The twolegs brought me home when I was so tiny, I only fit in one of their hands.  I bonded with Sassy right away.  She is kind of like my mom now.  We cuddle and groom each other, and she also plays with me.  Tiger didn't like me much, because he was old and stodgy.  All the twolegs love me and for some reason they think my chirpy purring is adorable.

We lost Tiger this past summer.  He stopped eating and started hiding in the closet.  The twolegs kept taking him to the vet (yuck), trying to make him better.  They say he had something called cancer.  One day they all kept coming and giving him lots of attention and petting.  Then they took him to the vet and he never came back.  We don't want that to ever happen to us.  :(

The twolegs have also added two, not just one, but TWO Dogs to the house.  The big white one is Isabelle.  She is gigantic and always comes in our room barking and bouncing around.  Sometimes I go out and taunt her and get her to chase me into the room.  Sassy doesn't like it much when I do that.  Sassy always protects me.  She is the best dog fighter I know.

It's a lot of hard work to keep our room same from Isabelle.  I make myself puff up all big and scary looking.  When that doesn't work (which is quite often because I'm pretty sure Isabelle has no brains), I start growling from under the bed.  Being under the bed gives me the advantage.  When Isabelle gets to close to my trap, I jump out, hissing and clawing her face. :D
The other dog is little, just a little bit bigger than us.  Her name is Maya.  She mostly stays away from us, so we don't mind her as much.

The twolegs also moved us to a new home last year.  It was scary at first, but we've done our best to mark OUR room.  Now only if the stupid dog would stay out, we would be very happy.

We have lots of adventures, crazy happenings and misery, so we plan to write more often and let you share in our lives.

~Brigid & Sassy

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