About Us

Hi I'm Sassafrass, but I prefer to be called Sassy.  In fact I really wish I hadn't been given such a long silly name, but I can't help that the twoleggers don't know how to come up with a proper name.  I'm a 4 year old female cat, so some times I get a little snippy and sassy.  I love to take care of Brigid my adopted cat.  I was born in a shelter, so I'm really happy my "owners" adopted me.  Now I have their entire house to use as my own personal playground.

Hi I'm Brigid.  I'm two years old and still just as fun as I was when I was a kitten.  I love to play with toys, run around, and very occasionally play with the dog.  Sassy is my adopted mom and she always takes good care of me.  I follow her lead on most things.  I'm so happy to have been rescued from that dumpster and brought in to a nice home.

Hi I'm Tiger.  I also came from the shelter.  My former family was moving so they gave me up.  I spent 3 months in a kennel (because I'm an "older" cat, at 7 years) before I was rescued by my new family.  I love to nap on the twoleg's bed.  I put up was Sassy, she's a little to hyper for my taste.  Mostly I'm living the good life here with my new family.  I just wish they would do something about their very loud children, it's messes with my sleep.  
I passed away from cancer at the age of 11.  I'm sure my family misses me often.

Sometimes we have stories to tell together, sometimes alone, and even sometimes about each other.  We're just two cats trying to enjoy life in the twolegged people world.

~ Tiger and Sassy ~